Introducing Shire Veterinary Insurance and Finance Brokers


Shire Veterinary Insurance and Finance Brokers LogoLet us set the scene. It’s 1946. The scars of World War Two are still fresh. The first international flight from Heathrow Airport takes off. The Television Licence is introduced. American dance craze, the Jitterbug, sweeps Britain. The Veterinary Insurance Agency is formed.

Okay, perhaps one of these things is not entirely like the others, but allow us a little dramatic license for the purpose of this blog.

You may have noticed things have been looking a little different around here. We did a little announcement back at the end of March to say we’d rebranded, but we wanted to talk about it a little more.

The Beginnings of VIA and Shire

Veterinary Insurance Agency LogoThe Veterinary Insurance Agency has existed since 1946 and has a rich history of providing an invaluable service to the veterinary industry. In 2002 the business was acquired by Keith Dickinson, Director of Shire Insurance, who had begun offering insurance and finance to the veterinary profession in 1981. This partnership brought together two trusted and highly experience names in the veterinary insurance and finance sector. However it left us with two separate brands that needed to come together in harmony.

The decision to rebrand is never an easy one or one to be made lightly, but it is something we had considered for quite a while. We had to somehow bring the VIA and Shire under one banner, whilst rejuvenating the brand and breathing new life into the business.

“Too many clients were confused with the various trading banners of Dickinsons, Veterinary Insurance Agency and Shire,” explains Keith. “We needed one name going forward.”

Shire Veterinary Insurance and Finance Brokers is born

We still offer the same expertise and services, whilst remaining solely focused on the unique needs of veterinary professionals. Our portfolio boasts veterinary specific insurance contracts covering surgery, motor fleet, locum fees, staff disability, private medical and practice funding. On top of our core services, Shire will offer a new range of products including:

  • Cyber Protection
  • Personal Loan Facility
  • Cash Plan Plus
  • VetPerks – our veterinary-specific employee benefit scheme.

So it’s out with the old and in with the new. Although we can’t promise a sudden revival of the jitterbug across Britain, we will continue to look to the future and offer new ways to assist the veterinary industry in changing times as Shire Veterinary Insurance and Finance Brokers.